Every picture tells a story.  I think every picture tells several stories.  Look at a picture and what do you see?  A picture is the culmination of the vision of the photographer and what they see.  Is that everything?

What the story in the picture is can be independent of the photographers vision  This is what ‘A Story Revealed’ is all about.

As a photographer, I work at creating an image that speaks to the viewer.  In the process of making the image there is a piece of myself within what is seen.  My thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes are contained within the image.  Photos have a photographer bias.

I want to step outside that and tell a story that can be found within the image.  I want to expand what is seen and dive deeper to give the image a different life for the viewer.  There is more to the photograph than what is seen initially.  It is time to explore one of the many stories that can be found within the photograph.

I am always looking for ways to give my photos various ways to be seen.  I have also had an interest in web comics and writing.  Drawing is not a forte of mine so I figured doing a web comic was beyond me.  While ‘A Story Revealed’ is not a comic but has elements of a graphic novel, I have found that web comics is a broad term.  There are comics ranging from what you expect to see in the funnies section of the paper to the more dramatic.  Many of these comics are drawn – elaborate to basic figures –  but there are many who employ the photograph.

Every photo is self contained as each has its own life, its own presence.  These stories could be heartfelt, funny or solemn.  A new page is a new story, a new image.  It is time to explore the stories within and then turn the page for something new.


About the Artist – Joshua


Once upon a time, a young man wanted to show the world his vision.  Making movies would have been perfect but that was out of reach.  So he shifted his focus and picked up a 35mm SLR.  With that first camera, the guy shot anything and everything.  Some images turned out great but most, well, not so much.  He didn’t give up though.  He learned from each image.  He figured out what didn’t work out and why, and how to do better the next outing.


Over time, the new photographer found his images improving and looked for ways to challenge himself.  He got brave and asked people to pose for him.  He participated in art shows.  Anything that was a challenge, the photographer wanted to be a part of.  His continual approach to photography was “I want to experiment and see what happens.  If it turns out well, excellent.  If it turns out bad, at least I will know for next time.”


Eventually, Joshua M. Hoover was able to shift his career to be a full-time photographer.  Now he has access to different equipment and new challenges on a daily basis.  Oh, and Joshua’s desire to make movies?  His new career has room for that passion and he gets to create in both media.


“I do what I feel, that’s all, I am an ordinary photographer working for his own pleasure. That’s all I’ve ever done.” – Andre Kertesz