Ah, the beginning of a new venture.

So yeah.  Here I am with a fresh, brand spankin’ new website and new webcomic, photocomic, fumetti, whatever you want to call it.


I want to tell stories but not quite novels.  I want to do a webcomic but I know 4-year olds that can draw better them me.  I want to give some of my photos a new use.  Bingo!  And that is how A Story Revealed was created.  The ‘About’ page has all the details of why the site exists, but a refresher isn’t a bad thing.


This blog area will be where I talk about the inner working of ASR and what is popping around in my head.  I don’t expect there to be a ton of posts here, but there will be times where I have something to say and this seems like a good place to get it out.


I hope a couple people see this and more importantly that everyone enjoys the images and stories that I put up.