No Escape
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No Escape

Wow, has it really been that long.  Yeah, unfortunately it has been.  But, time to get things up and running again.  There will be a few changes here as I approach this in a little different way.  I will still be doing the regular content that I started last year (I still can’t believe it has been a year since I last uploaded a page) but that won’t be the only story ‘style.’  On a long flight I started to write up some one, two, three, and four sentence stories (thank sto inspiration from my friends) and I will be using some of those stories here.  Because these stories are a little different in style the images that accompany them will also be different.  What that all means is not every page will have the ‘one image broken up into pieces’  today’s page is a prime example of that.


I have spent the first part of this year re-organizing and re-approaching the art projects in my life and am now getting them off the ground a second time.  Wow, turning 40 does cause changes, who knew.

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